Feeding Therapy

Mealtimes have taken over your life.

Why is my toddler having such a hard time with solid foods?

How much pickiness is normal for a child?

Should it take this long for my preschooler to eat?

What is it about green foods? Why won’t my child eat them?

Multiple gagging and near choking incidents have left you scared and anxious. Your family and friends don’t understand why you watch your child like a hawk during meals.

Why is this so complicated?

The only veggies you can get your child to eat are in the form of muffins and smoothies.

You’ve tried every gimmick you’ve heard of or read about, but it’s still a battle.

The limited number of foods your child is eating will affect their nutritional intake, growth, and development at some point, won’t it?

The good news is, you’re not alone.

Feeding therapy can help.

Some picky eating is just a normal developmental phase, but other times it’s happening for a reason.

Eating difficulties can happen because of airway issues, oral-motor difficulties, structural abnormalities like tongue tie, and/or sensory processing challenges.

We’ll do a detailed assessment to see where the breakdowns are and help you move forward with confidence.

We’ll work together to make mealtimes enjoyable again. For more information, please visit our Contact page.

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