The stuttering was supposed to go away.

In fact, it did for a while. But now it’s back and not letting you forget it.

Fear, frustration, and embarrassment build, regardless of how supportive others are.

Moments of stuttering feel like they
take an eternity.

The awkwardness is unbearable.

Things as simple as ordering food or making phone calls are becoming increasingly difficult.

Nothing really seems to help. There’s no way to control it.

It will be okay, we promise!

We will walk with you on this journey. We will do an in-depth stuttering assessment to determine the level of severity and what strategies may be most useful to you.

We’ll explore numerous strategies that can include muscle relaxation, phrasing techniques, and more.

You’ll try numerous methods and decide which works the best for you.

Fluent speech is possible.

Sometimes stuttering goes away after you’ve had speech therapy, and sometimes it is with you for life.

But, even if stuttering sticks around, fluent speech is possible with the right help.

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