Thumb Sucking & Other Oral Habits

Cute when it started but challenging to get rid of.

At first, it didn’t seem like such a big deal, but by now they should have grown out of it.

All the tips and tricks seem to help for a bit, but nothing really gets to the bottom of it.

Nagging certainly isn’t helping. The frustration is building for both you and your child.

When will it stop? What can you do?

Is thumb sucking a big deal?

For children who continue to engage in harmful oral habits like thumb sucking for extended periods of time, they can result in high, narrow, and misshapen palates. Additional issues can develop such as poor lingual posture and coordination, tongue thrust, open bites, and other dental problems.

Additionally, thumb sucking isn’t the only oral habit that can cause these problems. Extended use of pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups, nail biting, tongue sucking, and lip sucking can all contribute.

But what works? You already know that changing this type of habit isn’t easy.

Unless you replace it with something, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate a behavior.

Let us teach you how to replace the behavior.

We’ll show you and your child how to use sensory, oral motor, behavioral, and emotional strategies to restore oral habits with correct lip, jaw, and tongue placement.

This will promote healthy facial, dental, feeding, and speech development.

With these strategies in place, many children can significantly reduce their oral habits in just four weeks!

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