Language Disorders

Finding the right words

Why does it take him so long to think of the right word?

Why is it so hard for her to tell a simple story?

Why can’t he tell me what happened at school?

Everything else is normal, and your child is happy and healthy.

But you’re starting to worry.

Different from Other Kids

Other kids are telling long, complex, and even silly stories; but your child struggles to put ideas together in a coherent way.

Your child’s friends are using complex grammar and vocabulary that surprises you at times; but your child’s sentences remain shorter and simpler, maybe even effortful at times.

Your child’s grades are starting to suffer. The teacher would like him or her tested for a learning disability.

Why is this happening?

We can provide a detailed language assessment that can provide valuable information regarding your child’s ability to understand and use language.

This is different from a speech assessment because instead of looking at speech sounds, we will look at your child’s listening skills, vocabulary knowledge, grammar use, and storytelling skills to determine where the breakdowns are.

What is happening?

Sometimes a language disorder is the only thing that is going wrong.

At other times, a language disorder can be an indication that your child may be dealing with a learning or intellectual disability.

We can help you sort through the confusion and send you in the right directions, if needed.

If you think your child may be struggling with a language disorder, please visit our Contact page to reach out.