Social Skills Therapy

Fear. Frustration. Loneliness.

Do you feel fear when you’re required to interact with others? Do you sense that fear in your child? It’s no wonder that social difficulties can cause fear, frustration, and loneliness.

Social skills are more than the icing on a cake; they’re the glue that makes everything work.

It can feel unfair: why do social skills come so easily to some but not others?

Will social skills training help?

We can help you or your child move forward if. . .

  • You explain social rules to your child, but he still can’t implement these skills in the moment.
  • Your child’s friends are significantly older or younger than she is.
  • Reading and implementing self-help articles isn’t really helping as much as you’d like.

Social difficulties can arise at any age.

Sometimes we need to receive explicit instruction regarding how to understand and use our social skills.

We’ll take a close look at what skills you or your child may be struggling with; and we’ll make a plan to address the skills that most directly affect your needs, goals, and values.

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